[Dịch] Cô gái chúng ta cùng theo đuổi năm nào – 那些年我们一起追的女孩 – Cửu Bả Đao – Chương 5

Năm học lớp 8 nảy sinh ra rất nhiều chuyện Đài CTS chiếu phim bộ Hồng Kông “Lộc Đỉnh Ký”, Lương Triều Vỹ đóng vai Vi Tiểu Bảo, Lưu Đức Hoa đóng vai hoàng đế Khang Hy. Phim hay đến nỗi tôi phải đến tận hiệu sách Kingstone để đọc hết toàn bộ nguyên tác. […]

A wonderful trip to Duong Lam Village

For one who don’t know about Duong Lam, I will give a brief introduction about this beautiful village. Duong Lam is located in Son Tay, about 85 kilometers from Hanoi. Duong Lam has been listed as traditional village since 2006. This village was also the place of birth of many important figures in Vietnamese history […]

As more people get involved, it turns out to be much more complicating.

Blogging and counting the page view could be considered my favorite activities. When I started to translate “You are the apple of my eyes”, I did not expect that there would be that many people visit my blog. The number of page views as well as the number of comments soar up these days. It […]

[Dịch] Cô gái chúng ta cùng theo đuổi năm nào – 那些年我们一起追的女孩 – Cửu Bả Đao – Chương 4

Trở về từ Phố Lý, đánh cờ tướng trở thành phong trào sôi nổi của cả lớp, không hề có dấu hiệu giảm nhiệt. Thế là bàn cờ tướng bằng nam châm được chuyền tay qua các ngăn bàn, cứ hết tiết thì bắt đầu khai trận, vào tiết thì thu lại bàn cờ. Cả […]

Life is long and I need courage to go through it!

These days, I find myself hyped up. When I received the result which informed me that I have passed to the next round of SEO-Vietnam, I almost burst into tears. I made a phone call to my father to tell him about this good news, I ran around school, hugging my friends tight to take […]

People today move to new cities or new countries more than ever before. What challenges do they experience? What strategies are there to meet these challenges?

The increasing ease of movement, as the result of the modernization taking place in transportation, has changed people’s lives radically. People nowadays are not bound to dwell in one place for all their lives but are likely to make more movements to new cities and even to new countries than they were in the past. […]