Coming back from the deep

I just write this note to confirm that I am fine after escaping from the depth of desperation. Sometimes, thinking much can not help you find an effective approach to the problem. Just let it be. I will try my best. I find it interesting to be surrounded by lots of friends and we both […]

Transferable skills

As a student, I am sure that almost every body has got accustomed to the phrase “soft skill”. Literally, soft skill is called “transferable skill”. Have you ever wondered why it is called “soft” or “transferable”? Have you ever wondered what kind of skill is “hard” or “untransferable”? To put it simply, soft skill or […]

Reflections on Global Leadership Activating Day organized by AIESEC!

For some of you who do not know what is Global Leadership Activating Day, I want to make a brief introduction. This is an event held by members of AIESEC FTU Hanoi with purpose of furnishing students with some basic concepts relating to leadership skill, especially leadership skill in multicultural environment. The event took place […]