Books and life

When I am under the weather, one thing that makes me escape out of such terrible feelings is going to the bookshop and taking some books to my lovely bookshelf.  I used to be a bookworm. Sadly, I am not a real bookworm any more. In the past, I used to gobble up the books that I like in just a few hours and spent the next hours to gobble up them again and again until I totally remembered all the details written in the book and I was even able to recite all of them. Now, due to the deadly fascination of Internet, I gradually get out of this lovely habit. My eyes were stuck at computer screen. My love for book still remains, however, it becomes the love for e-book. Nonetheless, staring at the computer screen is really tiring for eyes and I cannot concentrate on the content and I check email or Facebook for a while during reading books. Therefore, the concepts that I get from reading eBook is not much. Today, I go to the bookshop and get 3 books, one in English, which is “100 selected stories by O. Henry ” and 2 books in Chinese. The Chinese ones are the textbooks for students of Chinese Department of Hanoi University.  I will try to finish them. I love the fragrance of new books, especially the ones made from recycled paper like the book of O.Henry. I read the table of content with kind of enthusiasm and recall all the stories written by O.Henry that I have read, but of course, they are both in Vietnamese. Now, it is a nice challenge that I will read them in English. Hope I can improve my reading as well as make my writing more natural.

Life is so boring without books.

Books that I have bought today


2 responses to “Books and life

    • Tớ biết cậu là ai rồi;)) mà sao ấn vào tên cậu lại ra được một trang web của federer nhỉ. Tớ học tiếng Trung ở ngoài, học từ năm 1 rồi.


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