Some movies I have seen during Tet holiday [PART 1]

It has been 10 days since I last posted somethingon WordPress. Life was way busy those days as Tet Holiday has just come by and it is quite difficult to have a mood for writing in such a festive atmosphere. During Tet Holiday, I spent most of my time doing homework, reading books relating to Management and watching some famous movies. I often watch films right on media channel such as Youtube, however, I just tried downloading some films and using th software that is used to join files. And of course, it proves to be much more time-saving as I don’t have to get frustrated to wait for the film loading.

There are some films I have seen and I thought that they are really excellent and enthralling.

1. Secret I can’t tell you – 不能说的秘密

Starring: Jay Chou, Kwai Lun-mei

I have seen this film one time last year and it was so impressive that I decided to watch it again with my sister. The storyline is just about a secret girl friend – the love interest of the main character, their gentle love for each other, and the wonderful sound of music. What made the lasting impression on my mind is not only the thrilling storyline, which took every audience by surprise but also the beautiful pieces of piano played during the film. All the pieces of music played in the movie have been saved in my mobile phone and they are very useful measure of relaxing whenever I found myself in stress. It is amazing to know that it is the first movie directed by Jay Chou. Jay Chou is a very famous and talented singer in Asia, therefore, it is not difficult to understand why the music played here is that beautiful. Both songs were chosen by jay Chou, some were composed by other pianists, some were composed by Jay himself. The similarity they shared here is that both songs were played by Jay Chou. Jay Chou also showcased his talent of playing piano in many parts of the movie, especially in the piano battle. When everyone watched this part, just one word to say about this: “Epic”.  I was also overwhelmingly impressed with the romantic scenery in the movie. The scenes in which Xiang Lun and Xiao Yu rode bicycle together, the small road decorated with beautiful flowers leading to Xiao Yu’s house, the twisting bridge, the view to the sea really made me desire to have a chance to visit Taiwan.

2. The ClassicSon Ye Jin


If you fall in love with Secret, it is no doubt that you will fall head over heels in love with “The Classic”, which can be considered one of the most classic Korean movies I have ever seen. “The Classic”, if it be a piece of music, has beautiful and slow melody. The story continuously switched between the two generations. The similarity between the past and present, mother’s story and daughter’s story knitted seamlessly together, which did not get audiences confused but interested. Finally, the end took every one by suprise and made a lasting impression on the audiences’ mind.The whole movie uses many pieces of instrumental music and when you watched it, it feels like out of the earth. You will not be willing to skip over any part of the movie because you cannot miss any moment lying in every beautiful note of this piece of music. As the story took place in the 1960s in some parts, you can come back to the energetic music of the 60s when hippy fashion swept all over the world. I can’t help dancing and shaking when listening to “Hippy hippy shake” of The Swinging Blue Jeans and “Do Wah Diddy Diddy” of Manfred Mann.

3. You are the Apple of my eye – 那些年我们一起追的女孩 – Ko Chen-tung, Chen Yan-xi

I have posted something about this movie, however, in Chinese before. The movie was also the debut of Giddens Ko as the role of a director. The movie was adapted from his own semi-autobiography. The movie has taken almost every box offices of Asia by storm. I have seen both the novel and the movies. The adaption was quite good but I prefer the novel. Due to the limited time of a movie, Giddens Ko had to cut many parts in his novel, reorganize the storyline and make some changes to make it more dramatical. It is a must-see movie if you want to come back to your beautiful days at high school.

I like to this quote very much:

“Adolescence is like a heavy rain. Even though you catch a cold from it, you still look forward to experiencing it once again. Everyone has those impetuous times, the time when every boy likes the same girl in class, rushing days with mischief and pranks. Then, youth departed without a sound.”

Whenever I read this quotation, a feeling of nostalgia will take up my mind.


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