I’ve got a good day

Long time ago, I often wondered about the boredom I got in my everyday life. I asked myself about the reason why every body had such special experiences, had such successful life, knew such interesting people. And time flies, fortunately, I found myself wrong. Don’t ask other people to give you a chance, to provide you with a new experience. You can do it yourself.

Today I made an impulsive decision, which is to get out home, take a bus and do window shopping. Walking always makes me feel better and it did not make me disappointed this time too. I have thought of spending one day getting around on the street but I often failed to realize this idea. The reasons are quite diversified. Sometimes, I was in no mood for going out. Sometimes, it is the weather that is against me. However, I find out that all of these reasons are just unreasonable excuse I made for being lazy. Today I decided that it’s time I went out, refreshing my mind and feeling myself on the move. It is the day of the “first”. It was the first time that I got on the bus with a view to hanging around. It was the first time I did window shopping in its full meaning. Thanks to the decision of going by bus. It was the first time I came on a pedestrian bridge. When I climbed on the middle of the bridge, looking down on the crocodile of vehicles passing by, my mind was filled with joy, surprise, novelty and inspiration. This mixture of feeling seemed to challenge any writer to find the proper word to describe it.

Coming back home with a book and a notebook, I really feel some changes running in my vein. I feel myself refreshed and my mind filled with new idea.

This idea is about a challenge to myself, in which I have to write about 100 friends of mine, at least, which means that dates have to be made and interviews will be conducted. I want to create experiences by myself and it will be such a challenging and wonderful experience.

Every friend of mine is special in their own way, and they have special experience in their own way. If I have not passed such experiences, why don’t I ask for their sharing?

I want to get myself connected with friends. Well, there exists no better way than meeting them and asking them directly about their life. I don’t have to expend lots of time on stalking their Facebook.

Ready Set Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I myself feel hyper energetic these days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 years old and it’s necessary to change some thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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