Some thoughts in a cool day

Be nice with people and people will be nice to you!

Today brought me with such great experience, hanging out with my previous boss and other colleagues in my previous workplace. I just feel like having not left this place for not so long time. Time may fly, things may change but great friendship is thing that stays. It is so cool when my previous boss said that I could come back to previous workplace if I want.

I am about to end my internship by the end of this month and at the moment, I have no glue of the next destination. I just wonder if finance stuff or number will fit me or I will engage with kind of market research or writing forever. I have attempted switching from marketing or kind of market research to finance but it seems like my seniors at university used to talk: It is not you that choose career but  it is career that chooses you.

I just consider taking TOEFL iBT and studying a designation for the last half of 2012 and 2013.

After all, things are cooler and calmer. A week ago, it was damn so hot in Hanoi and days after, a long and heavy rain took place. It is somehow like me, fighting for such a long and harsh competition and suffering from failures. I am getting over it and it will be alright soon.

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