I love sport

I love physical activity as much as I do with mental activities like reading or solving math problems. During my time at school, if you ask me about my most favorite subject, I will say it is Physical Education without hesitation.

Well, I love learning Physical Education. To be more exact, I love sport activities.

When I was at primary school, my favorite kind of movies is kungfu or Chinese martial art movies, which included many beautiful martial art scenes. As a little girl, I often tried imitating the acts of actors or actresses on the screen, attempting jumping from the bed or fighting with other friends in the neighborhood or at school. Hardly could I believe that I can be that aggressive during those years. I was not afraid of any kid even when they are taller or stronger than me. I did not hesitate to attack them if they tried to bully other kids in the class. However aggressive I was those days, I cannot say that I was good at Physical Education. I did not know the reason why I performed in such a mediocre manner in this subject. I suppose that it should be due to the dummy method of teaching PE I got that prevented me from gaining good marks in this subject.

Times at secondary and high school should be glorious time of mine in PE as I usually gained the absolute mark for this subject. At upper primary schools, I had chances to learn much more subjects and PE was far more interesting than it was at primary schools. Of all these subjects learnt in PE, I love shuttlecock the most. Whenever I play shuttlecock, I feel like there exists no one on Earth but me and the shuttle cock. I play wholeheartedly and my performance in this subject is always the best among girl students and better than some boys in my class as well. Ability of playing shuttlecock also allows me to make friends easily. You wander around the school yard without knowing anyone, if so, join a group of students playing shuttlecock and quickly make friends. Currently, whenever thinking of those days, I feel blessed to get to know shuttlecock and get to know lots of friends in such a very easy way. Shuttlecock also trained me to be more flexible person and learn how to stay focused. Shuttlecock should be among the greatest forms of arts I have known since I was born.

However, being good at PE or sport activities also means that you become a weird one in both the eyes of boys and girls in class. Most of girls in my class at that time did not like PE Class so much and they preferred spending time on making up or brushing their hair, etc. Other boys thought that I was a crazy girl, who attempted to do every boy stuff like playing shuttlecock, playing football or riding bicycle without holding the handle bars. It is not like what you have seen on the US movie when a girl playing sports won the love from the most popular boys at schools. Well, no way…But at least, some boys considered me as a nice friend to play with and they had to accept the fact that girl could play sports as well as boy. And during my time at secondary school, I also harbored a dream of becoming a professional player for National Shuttlecock team. Ha ha, looking back on these days, I can’t help smiling at the image of a girl with pink top and grey shorts, carrying a small bag, which includes both books and shuttlecocks. I would love to have chance to travel back to the past and live in such energetic atmosphere for a while. It should be sport that inspires me the most during these days and helped me get balance after long hours spending on books or exercises.

One response to “I love sport

  1. You are so different from me LOL. I was suck at PE all the time, even in university. When I was at secondary school, my mother had to ask for the teacher’s help in my PE mark so I wouldn’t lose my “hoc sinh gioi”. Shame on me! =)


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