Resolution for 2013

One more year has passed. One year ago, I wrote a resolution for 2012, and can you believe, when I look back, what I expected to get at the beginning of the year is far different from what I really got in 2012, and to a certain extent, far better. Last year, I just set my targets of improving my English and Chinese, studying well at school, and some vague objectives relating to CIMA and job interviews. If you have read some of my posts during 2012, you should realize that I have learnt much more than this resolution. I have learnt how to measure Success and learnt that it is our courage to move forward that counts[link]. I have worked hard with my team to finish CIMA report. I joined Ychallenge [link] and had a memorable trip to Singapore[link]. I had an interesting summer with YVS [link] and got my first job with IDG [link]. I also had tons of fun by doing stuff that I have never done before like going on  a train or going to flower market in the early morning for the first time of my life or getting on a motorbike with 3 other classmates. I did not win CIMA, did not get into SEO, did not win an internship placement in Big4, but I really had good time last year. Maybe life is something that we could not expect but experience and it would be better to grasp chances that come unexpectedly while planning.

And today I am also typing a resolution for 2013. It is such a weird feeling of mine when I begged 2012 to end quickly so that I could enter into a brand new year 2013 but when 2013 comes, I feel like in a middle of somewhere. The feeling is exactly the same as the feeling when you have a puzzle and have no hint and no idea about its outcome. Well, as “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”, I’d better calm down, continue working hard as I have done in 2012.

What I really want in 2013 is:

1. Emails, emails, and emails from employees. And offers, offers and offers. Well, at the moment, I do hope to receive an offer from IDG VV.

2. Graduate from Foreign Trade University with excellent GPA.

3. Find a job that help me develop myself to my fullest, and I can engage all my mind and my heart in.

4. Win a trip abroad with CIMA GBC, though South Africa is not at all my favorite place for travelling, it is still desirable to have a free trip and win a prize for my student life. Other trips abroad in youth programs are also welcomed. (Writing like I am about to go on one trip like this 😉 )

5. Win an internship placement with SEO-Vietnam this year. I failed once, then I will win this year.

6. I also want to write something like I have a boyfriend or have trips to my favorite cities in Asia: Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore (once more time), Tokyo, Seoul, but it sounds so greedy for a wishlist and in reality, what I really want is job, what I really love is job offer, not a boyfriend so I think boyfriend could wait 😛

So my wishlist for 2013 includes but not limited to 5 things above. And as implied by 2012 resolution, I also have to stay awake with opportunities on the way and expect even unexpected things happening.

And now it would be my resolution for 2013:

1. Consolidate my business knowledge, especially things relating to Finance and Business strategy. To improve my Finance knowledge, I will study hard in PE Class, read textbooks in Corporate Finance and practice analyzing case study from financial aspects. About Business strategy, I will read more articles on CafeF, read textbooks in Strategic management, and The Economist, my favorite magazine.

2. Hone my interview skills and other transferable skills

3. Accomplish my graduate thesis. Graduate thesis would be the biggest scientific project that I accomplish individually and I do want to have it  done meticulously.

4. Improve my English and Chinese, as usual.

5. Smile more and more and try my best to deal with peer pressure.

Hope that everybody will have another year filled with joys and happiness.

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